We are now four Mondays away from the first Monday in May, known as Met Gala Monday. The Met Gala is now one of the most important days on the gossip calendar, some might consider it to be THE most important day on the gossip calendar, even more important than the Oscars because it’s a longer guest list and, depending on the contenders of the Oscars in any given year, many of the nominees and presenters who show up to rep their films aren’t exactly gossip material, with all due respect to, for example, Mark Rylance – as half of you are like…who? Yeah, that’s my point. 

Anyway, this year’s Met Gala is happening on May 6, co-chaired by Serena Williams, Lady Gaga, Harry Styles, Alessandro Michele, creative director of Gucci, and, of course, Anna Wintour. Anna has spoken to The Hollywood Reporter ahead of the event to reveal the names on the 183 member host committee which include Lupita Nyong’o, Chadwick Boseman, Jennifer Lopez, Bradley Cooper, Ryan Reynolds, and Blake Lively – definitely celebrity-heavy. Here’s how Anna explains it: 

“While the committee isn’t reflective of the Met Gala guest list, it's certainly true that of late there has been a stronger presence of Hollywood names on it. Obviously it helps that well-known names draw attention to not only the gala but also to the exhibition and to the museum; for all the starriness of the names on that one night, we never lose sight of the fact that the aim of the gala is to raise funds for the Costume Institute, so we can support its place in the cultural life of New York City and beyond.”

The Costume Institute’s theme this year is Camp: Notes on Fashion, inspired by Susan Sontag’s essay “Camp: Notes on Fashion”. The exhibit will feature pieces worn by Liberace, Bjork’s Oscar swan dress, a Bob Mackie design worn by Cher (she’s expected to attend), and clothing from the Court of Versailles in the 17th century. As Anna described: 

"I like to say that we go from sun kings to drag queens in the show; it's to be hoped that there will be plenty of both, not only at the gala but also coming to see the exhibition.”

In other words, “Kate Middleton style” is not the way to go here. Which sets us up, you’d think, for a lot of fashion porn. You’d think. Because, inevitably, there will be an asshole or two showing up in a column dress and their hair in a chignon. Every year this happens. And every year those are the ones who make the “best dressed lists” compiled the people who don’t get it. That’s why, every year, we count on Rihanna and Solange and Zendaya to bring it. 

This year though, obviously, with the camp theme + Lady Gaga, that’s probably going to be the big question mark. We may get an indication of that soon. Over the last few years, the cover of the May issue of American Vogue has featured one of its high profile co-chairs. Last year it was Amal Clooney. The year before it was Katy Perry. The year before that it was Taylor Swift. Presumably Gaga will follow that tradition. But she just covered Vogue in October 2018. Is this too soon? Could it be a co-cover with Serena Williams? Or will Harry Styles be on the cover? Amal’s Vogue cover dropped exactly a year ago today. We should find out very soon. 

By the way, if we’re talking about camp – there’s one name who considers herself, at this point, a camp legend: Madonna. She also happens to be a Met Gala regular. Madonna and Lady Gaga are no longer feuding. Could Anna Wintour pull of a Madonna + Gaga cover?


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