Countess Sophie of the British royals is apparently in New York for a tour and… well… this is the first I’ve heard of it, like 24 hours later. It’s not getting all that much attention. Which I’m sure will be translated to: “Sophie doesn’t do things for attention”. Well, since when did royals not expect coverage of their visits? If there’s no coverage, there’s no f-cking point to the work they’re trying to highlight! (Cele|bitchy) 


Anna Sorokin has likely been deported. Which means that she won’t be able to capitalise on her Inventing Anna/Netflix fame…even though the show is less buzzy than I expected it to be. Kristian has a great idea here though in their post for Dlisted. Anna and the Tinder Swindler are a great idea. (Dlisted) 

I posted about Emma Watson yesterday but did not include this outfit…which was great until I realised these were boots and not tights. I hate them as boots. What’s the difference? If they were tights they would be pulled taut and not rippling. (Go Fug Yourself) 

LOLOLOLOL at first I thought this was a mashup of past Brian Cox performances with Euphoria but it’s even better because it turns out he actually took the time to learn his Cassie lines and deliver them … with feeling! A lot of feeling! And an apple! He also talks about how f-cking bonkers Johnny Depp fans are which means that I now have something in common with the man who plays Logan Roy. (Pajiba) 

Apparently the new trend in snack food is to burn it. I can get behind this. Even though my ma thinks that things that are burned cause cancer. Disclaimer: I don’t know if it causes cancer, I’m just saying my ma THINKS it does because she probably heard about it at mahjong years ago. (Eater)