Courteney Cox’s social media activity is being monitored even more closely than usual because of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston’s moment at the SAGs the other night. It appears that Courteney has been liking posts on Instagram from people who are Gossip Genie-ing a Brad and Jen reunion. So it would seem like that possibility has the endorsement of Jen’s best friend. If she’s endorsing it on social media, how might she be endorsing it in person behind the scenes? (Dlisted) 

It’s a Royal Video Assumption – our favourite game of baseless conclusions! The feature subject this time is Camilla who was asked, unexpectedly, about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and whether she would miss them and she threw up a shady face and what some perceive to be a terse response, leading to some to wonder whether or not there’s drama between the Sussexes and Camilla. Imagine the moral conundrum this might pose for Meghan haters. Because siding with Camilla is never an option. (Cele|bitchy) 

There have been a LOT of baggy, voluminous dresses on the red carpet the last few weeks and while the Fug Girls may not be into it, as much as I adore the Fug Girls, this is my style lane. Big and loose and flowing and sacky and nothing body-con is LIFE. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Do you have push notifications on your phone? I actively avoid them – except for Beyoncé. For IVY PARK, I turned on push notifications. Everything else though? F-ck no. Except. I leave my “read” receipts on my messages which is horrific to some people. (Pajiba) 

Did you watch the Jeopardy champions tournament? I was pulling for Ken Jennings. WHY WEREN’T YOU? Anyway, Ken initially didn’t want to do it. Apparently because he thought he was not in his prime. Well now don’t I feel stupid. If this isn’t his prime and he’s the Greatest of All Time, what the f-ck are we? (Vulture)