You know how I know this is a big story like beyond just the people who follow East Asian entertainment and watch Chinese and Korean dramas? Kathleen just texted me:

“Where are these two people from and how can I watch them make out?”


With this tweet attached: 

This is not typical content in Kathleen’s feed. But there are certain celebrity headlines that dominate all feeds, they’re that exciting. Son Ye-jin and Hyun Bin are dominating the feeds today but first… let me answer Kathleen’s question and maybe yours, if you’re unfamiliar. 


These two people are Son Ye-jin and Hyun Bin and you can watch them make out on Crash Landing On You, the smash hit drama series released in 2019 that went mega viral in 2020 that you can watch on Netflix. Those of us who did watch on Netflix turned Son Ye-jin and Hyun Bin ship these two HARD. This is the equivalent of Rachel and Ryan from The Notebook or Kristen and Rob if you’re a Twilight person – like that level of fanaticism. Because I cannot stress how bonkers people went over this show, how bonkers I was over this show. And how bonkers amazing it was when Son Ye-jin and Hyun Bin confirmed at the beginning of 2021, so just over a year ago, around the one year anniversary of Crash Landing On You, that they were dating in real life. 

Since then, they’ve kept their romance super quiet. The celebrity situation in Korea isn’t quite the same with how paps can distribute their photos so it’s not like there were weekly or even monthly shots of the two of them together and they avoided sharing pics of each other on social media too. 


But today…a BIG announcement. They’re engaged! His agency posted the confirmation and Ye-jin also shared on her own account in both Korean and English: 

And the timing is excellent. Ye-jin’s new drama, Thirty-Nine, premieres next week on Netflix. As for the wedding… 


These two are huge stars on their own. Together they make a super couple. Their wedding will be the event of the year, of the last few years, beyond just the Korean border, if they choose to go in that direction…but I’m not sure that’s their style. For now, just know, this is Big Love. And classic k-drama style love. They’ve been friends for a long time. They worked together on a hit show. They missed each other when the show was over. They fell in love and announced their engagement just before Valentine’s Day. It couldn’t be more delightful. Now go watch Crash Landing On You if you haven’t already. It’s perfect for this weekend.