Back in June, it was reported that Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin were over even though, up to that point, we’d been hearing that they were getting more and more serious. When I wrote about their alleged split, I made mention of the source. Because the source was the Sun and, well, you know. It’s the Sun. As I note in my post then about the Sun’s supposed exclusive, no American entertainment outlets, like PEOPLE and E!, were able to follow up on the story. The point was that there was reason to doubt. And now that doubt has paid off. 

Dakota and Chris spent the weekend together in the Hamptons. They were seen at the beach – photos are here– and there’s no mistaking that they are still, indeed, a thing. Despite the headline that there was a “breakup”, given that these two have never acknowledged their relationship and aren’t the types to dispel rumours, the gossip take here is that they never broke up to begin with and have been dating all along. 

But that’s not actually what’s trending where Dakota Johnson is concerned. People care more about her teeth. Dakota used to have a gap between her two front teeth: 


She showed up on the red carpet last week to promote The Peanut Butter Falcon and the gap appears to be gone: 


There were a lot of feelings about this sliver of a change. Here’s an example: 

They’re her teeth, she can do whatever she wants with them. I’m just curious about why it happened now and not before. Is it like my laser eye surgery? I should have gotten it done at least ten years before I actually did it, even though Duana was like… dude, I’ve been able to see without glasses since university, wtf are you waiting for? I don’t know what I was waiting for but it’s a major regret for me, that I didn’t just do it when I was 30 or younger.