I like Dakota Johnson’s relationship with Gucci because they are doing the “ugly expensive” thing really well right now and it completely suits her vibe. When Dakota wears something “unlikable” (ie: something that will get her on a Worst Dressed list in a celebrity weekly), I feel like she does it on purpose and that she is using fashion to rage against the 50 Shades of Grey expectations. I thought Kristen Stewart did the same thing when she was coming off of Twilight (and it totally worked for her).

I was actually hoping she would do something very hard and minimalist (to contrast the softness of most of her looks) for the MET Gala but instead she went with a black floral gown with body straps. It’s a mess. It’s completely suffocating but also shows skin in weird places (thanks to the bands around her waist). It’s busy but at the same time has absolutely nothing going for it. I don’t see balance or workmanship here. And I don’t see a lot of thought put into it – there is nothing avant-garde or experimental. If it had to be adjusted for a traditional red carpet, I would guess they would simply take the flowers off the shoulders and you’d have a traditional black gown.

I may be trying too hard to look for a redeeming quality but maybe there is a seed of an idea here – maybe they were trying to juxtapose the blooming flowers with the restrictive bands of fabric. Perhaps that contrast was supposed to be exciting and unordinary. If the design focussed on the top and let the bottom go, it could have been edited into something more.

This is a staid choice for someone who has the opportunity to wear very cool clothes, so more than anything I find the choice confusing.