On the new episode of Sasha Answers, I compare Justin Timberlake to an appendix, and other gnarly details. But also, what if your boyfriend is a sexist asshole? And what if your mother-in-law is a freeloader? 

Dakota Johnson was sitting at Angelina Jolie’s table at the Golden Globes and people played Photo Assumption with that shot of her maybe sort of side-eying Angelina at one point when Jennifer Aniston was on stage. Because we are all gossips. THEY are all gossips. Come on. Dakota Johnson and Melanie Griffith and Kate Hudson and Goldie Hawn all hang out. You don’t think they gossip?! Anyway, now she’s saying there was no gossip there. OK. (Dlisted) 

YES. All of this outfit is YES. And I didn’t think it would like it as soon as the coat came off because OMGGGG this coat is the sh-t. But then. Then the dress underneath. With the collar and all that metallic and a pair of antique shoes to finish it all off – yes to everything, right? It’s an entire vibe, a mood, and no detail has been spared and isn’t that what style should be? Fun and different and funky and awesome? (Go Fug Yourself) 

Diane Kruger and Norman Reedus are at the stage of their relationship where they can walk together on red carpets now because we’ve all gotten used to the fact that she and Pacey aren’t together anymore and no one seemed mad that she may or may not have cheated on him with Norman which is fine but… maybe pump the brakes on the soulmate thing? That seems unfair of me to say. I’m sorry. What is it about Norman that makes me feel like he can’t be trusted though? (Cele|bitchy) 

A quiz is all I ever need. But this is a quiz that combines Harry Potter with food. That’s basically where I live. And now my streak is alive. Every Harry Potter sorting quiz I’ve ever done has always put me in the same house. The BEST house. Which is Slytherin, obviously! Anyway, now you try. (Buzzfeed) 

Are you into leopard print? Do you consider it a neutral? I don’t think I’ve ever thought of it as a neutral but stripes and florals are neutrals now so why not leopard print? Here’s what else I haven’t thought of – doubling up leopard print. Since it’s a neutral after all. My eyes had to get used to this look but once they did, I’m in. Super super in. (The Cut) 

Do you fantasise about quitting your job? Is there a go-to daydream? How do you do it? Do you have an outfit in mind? Would you ever order a special cake? Or label a bottle of whiskey to make the announcement? Use a restaurant receipt? That one KILLED me. (OMG Blog)