It was reported a few weeks ago that Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin were out on a sushi date together. Coldplay is currently on tour. Last night they played in Buenos Aires. And look who was there. 

The lighting is so weird in that shot at first I thought it might have been photoshopped. But there are more images. And it’s unmistakable – Dakota’s in a pretty exclusive area of the venue. 

Oh and there’s video:

The band plays again tonight in Buenos Aires. It’s the final night of the entire Head Full Of Dreams tour. That’s not insignificant then, right? To join someone on the last show of the tour? Band members are also often joined by family members on the last night of a tour. You think Gwyneth and the kids are there? If G is there, is she hanging with Dakota? G is very happily in her own relationship, a relationship that’s lasted much longer than any of Chris’s post-conscious uncoupling relationships. That would be Jennifer Lawrence, Annabelle Wallis, and now Dakota Johnson. He definitely has an actress type.