Daniel Craig is currently promoting Logan Lucky, opening this weekend. Last night he made an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and definitively answered the question that everyone’s been asking him. Will he return as James Bond, 007?

This was his response:

Daniel Craig will be back for Bond 25. And it’s a Colbert exclusive. Colbert is king at CBS right now.

Daniel went on to talk about why he had previously said that he didn’t want to be Bond anymore. Because when he made those remarks it was right after he’d wrapped on Spectre and he was tired and cranky and, in his words, he said a “stupid” thing. Which he was not about to do again with Colbert, who tried to compare the experience to childbirth and Daniel was like… nope, not doing that, not the same thing.

Later on, they joke about Colbert’s crush on Rachel Weisz. Daniel Craig talks about Rachel Weisz. He rarely talks about Rachel Weisz. Well, he rarely talks. Like it’s not often we get a Daniel Craig interview. So, not that you doubted, but it’s all fine between Daniel and Rachel.

It may not, however, be fine for those who’ve been hoping for an Idris Elba Bond situation. Idris Elba will not be Bond, not even after Daniel. Idris is 45 next month. By the time they get around to Bond 26, he’ll be close to 50. Which isn’t old, obviously, but considering that you commit to Bond for at least a decade, it’s probably more realistic for those in charge of the franchise to look for someone younger, in their 30s. (As Tom Hiddleston – once again, as always – shoots his hand into the air.)