The BAFTAs are the final major pre-Oscar award show and can sometimes shape how the Oscars shake out; Oscar voting begins this week, so the BAFTAs certainly help a campaign. This award season has been wide open and unpredictable and the BAFTAs have definitely added to that. Sir Anthony Hopkins was named BAFTA’s Best Actor, a category that Chadwick Boseman has been winning so the one race that looked to be a lock might be less of a lock on Oscar night. Remember, there is healthy British representation in the Oscar Academy. 


While the BAFTAs may have broke differently in the Best Actor category, it definitely strengthened the frontrunner status in the supporting categories. Daniel Kaluuya won again for his performance as Chairman Fred Hampton in Judas and the Black Messiah and ended his speech by saying that, you know, he’s just here “chillin’”:

People laughed along with him when he made that comment but I also think it must be a little bit frustrating, going through this awards run and not being able to experience it with your peers and in the industry. As Sarah has already noted, one of the benefits of being part of the award season is that it’s opportunity for more opportunity. But also, for Black and other actors of colour, this is not a regular thing. There’s no guarantee that this will happen again the way it keeps happening for, say, Leonardo DiCaprio. 


So Daniel is, firmly, the favourite for Best Supporting Actor – and will probably win the Oscar …although the Oscars is the first time that he’s contending alongside LaKeith Stanfield. Who was a surprise nominee in the category, which should tell you how much the actors branch of the Academy respects his work, setting up the (slight) possibility of a vote split. 

In the Best Supporting Actress category, Youn Yuh-jung won the BAFTA, and just as she did when she won the SAG last week she charmed everyone with her speech. Speeches, of course, are a big factor during award season. A recent example of this would be Brad Pitt, last year. Here’s what YJ said last night – the highlight comes at the end: 

LOLOLOLOLOL. How deft do you have to be to call the British “snobbish” and be loved for it?!


Is it a slamdunk then for YJ and the Oscar? She’s definitely getting closer, and it’s a solid bet… but I still wouldn’t count out Glenn Close. 

But back to YJ and Minari – was there anyone happier for YJ than Alan Kim? Alan was also nominated for a BAFTA, by the way, and he’s the one with the most memorable scenes with YJ in the film. Here’s how he reacted to her win, our award season cherub: 


Both YJ and Alan were on CBS This Morning today, just in time for Oscar voting. As you can see, their chemistry is just as strong, even when they’re not in the room together: