Dear Gossips, 

Have you finished From Scratch yet? I love this series SO much, I want to hug it, I want to thank it, I want to share it with everyone like it’s mine. And now I’m curious – is From Scratch the kind of show that will be taken seriously by awards boards and academies? It should be. Because it’s all here, a story of love, and travel, and food, and community, and kindness, and loss, and grief, and joy. The writing is excellent. The acting is outstanding. Everything about From Scratch is done with such care. Both cultures and families are so honestly and respectfully represented. It’s SO good. And it’s SO human. 


From Scratch is based on Tembi Locke’s memoir and the series is co-created and executive produced by both Tembi and her sister Attica. Attica’s character is called Zora on the show, played by the incredible Danielle Deadwyler, and what a season it has been for Danielle. You might know her from Station Eleven. Or The Harder They Fall. Or maybe you didn’t know her at all before From Scratch – but you’re about to know her very well because she’s now being talked about as an Oscar Best Actress contender for her performance in Till, as Mamie Till, the mother of Emmett Till. 

Till is getting great reviews with many saying that Danielle could challenge frontrunners Cate Blanchett and Michelle Yeoh for the Oscar. Most Oscar experts are now predicting that Danielle will be nominated and it’s already a competitive field with Blanchett and Yeoh leading the way, Viola Davis and Michelle Williams in the mix too, and Olivia Colman, Margot Robbie, and Jennifer Lawrence are also trying to get in. 

Right now though, there’s a lot of momentum swinging in Danielle’s favour. Here she is campaigning this weekend in New York at Deadline’s Contenders event just as more and more people are watching her at home on Netflix in From Scratch. Get to know Danielle Deadwyler. She’ll be a big name this award season. 

Yours in gossip,