Tonight is the annual amfAR gala in Cannes. This is the party Leonardo DiCaprio always goes to, officially because he’s socially conscious but unofficially because every model in the French Riviera ends up at this event.

David Beckham is there this year. And the reason I noticed is because I can’t remember seeing him in Cannes. I just went through the Getty Images database and this is the only time he shows up, during the festival at least, although there is another set of pictures of him in Cannes from 2001. At the NRJ Awards. And you’ll love this moment of Gossip Nostalgia, check it out:

Given the crazy sh-t the Beckhams have worn, together, over the years, this example isn’t actually that bad. And in a way I almost miss it. Because it’s been a while since they’ve made any fashion mistakes. Which can get kinda boring.

Victoria isn’t in Cannes right now, at least I haven’t seen any photos of her. So David’s hanging out with Dustin Hoffman tonight. And ASAP Rocky. And, you know, maybe, there might be some undercover hanging with Leonardo DiCaprio. Although 2017 is much, much different than 2001. When your kids are older, when your oldest son is now 18. And, naturally, he adores his mother. Mistakes might be harder to explain away.

PS. You know who else was at amfAR tonight? Hot felon. His name is Jeremy Meeks.