Beckham Bees! We may have Beckham branded honey in our future. How much will it cost? Where will they sell it? At the regular grocery? Or at Saks? LOL. I’m still trying to wrap my head around fake honey and how much fake honey is on the market. Obviously the Beckham honey will be straight up pure honey. Are we in? (Cele|bitchy)


Last week, in this space, I linked to a drama about a stolen ring, a psychic, and set of very long nails. The drama has now taken another twist. We now have to add “falsely accused” to this story. And the ring is still missing. Can Netflix do a documentary about this case? (Dlisted) 

The FUG Girls are asking: what’s your go-to fall dish? All I’ve been doing the last six months is cooking. To the point of obsession. I plan a weekly menu every Saturday and order groceries. If for whatever reason the thing I was planning to make on Monday isn’t possible or if there’s a last minute crisis at work and I can’t get to cooking, I have a meltdown. This is obviously how I’m coping with the f-cked up mess that is reality right now. And yes, as we approach Thanksgiving, I’m rotating out my summer dishes and researching which options to add to the menu in the fall. One of my favourite fall dinner options is a shrimp stew, a Jessica Seinfeld recipe that I love. Also Lidia Bastianich’s Italian American meatloaf. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Stephen Colbert is not wrong about anything in this monologue. He’s not wrong about Donald Trump and his taxes. The President of the United States is a scammer. And that’s the nicest way of describing what a f-cking fraud he is. You know what Colbert is wrong about though? Mallomars. I don’t know why people like them. Then again, I hate marshmallows so it could just me. Have I mentioned how much I like Colbert’s hair right now? (Pajiba) 

Must read, must read, must read! The Oral History of Best In Show! (The Ringer)