Dammit, David O. Russell, every time I am ready to quit you—or remember that time you cursed out national treasure Lily Tomlin—you reel me back in, or at least make me forget how convinced I am that you’re a raging asshole. I mean, I am CONVINCED, but I also really want to see Russell’s new movie, Amsterdam. A large, LARGE, part of that is that Timothy Olyphant is in it, and I have watched some truly terrible movies for Olyphant in the past, and odds are, Amsterdam will not be that bad. But also, Amsterdam is a fun little murder mystery! I love those, (almost) everybody loves those. And Christian Bale is in his humorous mode, his comedic performances are vastly underrated, probably because he doesn’t do many of them and sometimes when he does he is playing one of modern history’s greatest monsters and getting nominated for big serious Oscars for it, and such. But! Christian Bale can be very funny on screen!


As is usual with DOR films, the cast is tremendous. Besides Bale and Olyphant, there is John David Washington and Margot Robbie filling out the throuple with Bale—“friends”? Please, who are you kidding, copywriter—plus Chris Rock, Michael Shannon, Anya Taylor-Joy, Zoe Saldana, Mike Meyers, Rami Malek, and not pictured here but somewhere in the film, Taylor Swift (it’s great to see the cast of Cats continues to thrive). So it’s a big ensemble piece with a murder mystery heart, and Timothy Olyphant. I know David O. Russell is a huge asshole, but yes, I would like one ticket to the movie film, please. 

Never mind, the dude groped his trans niece. So he's an asshole boss AND an (alleged) assaulter. Sorry Timmy O, not even for you.