I’ve worn down my nails already on the word count for the blog, it’s only Monday, and the VMAs are tonight so can I just throw some pictures at you right now and call it a post? 

The Beckhams are on holiday with Elton John. All their kids are there and their kids are playing with Elton and David Furnish’s kids and everybody is happy. No, but seriously, everybody is happy. A year ago around this time, we were talking about the state of the Beckham marriage. Because all last summer we were told by the British tabloids that a split would be imminent. Then they covered the October issue of British Vogue which basically put an end to all that bullsh-t and my theory, at the time, was that the bullsh-t only began because David wasn’t on the cover with Victoria and the kids. Actually, there were a couple of covers. He wasn’t on the colour cover but he was on the black and white cover so what I think happened was some person somewhere saw an early version of the cover without David and assumed that Victoria was making a big announcement in British Vogue that they had split up. 




Imagine if all that started because of a junior gossip? This is why it’s important for all of us to continually work on our gossip game. Amateur gossips waste everyone’s time. That is the point of this post. 

Anyway, the Beckhams didn’t break up. And they appear pretty solid in these pap shots on Elton’s boat. Check out David leaning into Victoria for a kiss. He has his arm around her in other pictures and they seem as close as they’ve ever been. The Beckhams have been married 20 years now. Their marriage is basically a celebrity institution. It has also been a celebrity institution to speculate about if they’re going to come apart. But not today, not today! (Maria can finish off her summer in peace.)