It was pretty much exactly four years ago that the Beckhams were making headlines for what the UK tabloids were reporting at the time to be an imminent divorce. This started because Victoria and David attended Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding and Victoria wasn’t smiling which… standard, non? But then there was some kind of online rumour about David and a teacher at Harper Seven’s school. It was an unsubstantiated, totally bullsh-t post on social media that people just ran with and then the British papers, like the Sun and the Daily Mail, decided to push ahead with a “the Beckhams on the brink!” narrative, to the point where they had to issue denials. But for months the speculation persisted. And then went away because, clearly, the Beckhams did not get divorced in 2018. Or in 2019. Or in 2020, during COVID, which broke so many other relationships. 


This is not to say that the Beckhams will make it forever and ever, because we can’t say that of any couple, but they are approaching their 22nd wedding anniversary which is actually longer than most celebrity couples and, currently, today, they seem fine. They are together. The UK tabloids were wrong. 

Here they are in New York this week, travelling again now that so many people in the UK and in the US have been vaccinated. They’ve been out for dinner a few times and seemed to be in great spirits. Victoria posted about it in stories: 

Victoria Beckham's Instagram Story

I feel like with the energy they’re bringing in this shot, they might have missed the paps as much as we’ve missed seeing pap shots of them. 

As you can see, the pandemic did not kill Victoria’s love for those bell-bottom pants that I hate so much. I do like the white dress she had on though with the frontier flap and the built-in belt. Curious about that red collar. I thought initially it was a scarf but looking closer I think it’s attached to the dress and ties at the back, which is an interesting design choice. The pop of red up there is pretty but I wonder if it’s also too busy.