A little over a year ago, at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding, Victoria Beckham had a face on, leading to speculation that she was pissed at David for whatever reason. For the record, they were both seen smiling at the event several times, it’s just that people chose to ignore those moments. And, two weeks later, the rumours started. The UK papers were relentless in their reports about how they were living separate lives and then there was the rumour that went viral, about David knocking up a teacher at Harper’s school which seemed to originate in the comments section of someone’s Twitter or Instagram, I don’t remember, because it was bullsh-t. But the Beckhams still had to deny that a divorce was imminent and the speculation went on for weeks, practically the entire summer. It’s an example of how sometimes a story doesn’t go anywhere, that there’s no story to the story. And they are coming up on their 20th wedding anniversary in July, one of the most enduring celebrity marriages in the age of social media. Four kids, several career changes, a retirement, and yet another Spice Girls reunion tour later, the Beckhams are still together. 

They were together this weekend as David returned to Old Trafford to play again in his Manchester United kit for a legends charity match against Bayern Munich to commemorate another 20th anniversary: Man U’s “treble” which happened during the 98/99 season when they won the Premier League, the FA Cup, and the Champions League. David looked great – like in the face and on the pitch. Here’s what his best friend Dave Gardner had to say about it:


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And here’s what Victoria had to say about it: 


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She and the kids were there for what she called an “emotional day” on Instagram stories. They’re OK, everybody. They’re OK.