OMG Elon Musk and Amber Heard totally ARE like Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber. Only, right now, Selena and Justin might actually be more stable than they are. Elon told Rolling Stone that he missed Amber when they were apart. Then they weren’t apart anymore. But now… they’re apart again. And the next time he sees pap photos of her kissing another dude, will they be back together? Because right before he told Rolling Stone that he missed her, she was papped kissing another dude! Selena and Justin, see? (Dlisted) 

One of the greatest things to happen on television” – this is not hyperbole. I thought it might be at first, because I guess people who are prone to hyperbole are the same assholes who accuse others of hyperbole….but it really isn’t. It really IS one of the greatest things. And you know why? It’s because Kelly Clarkson is one of the greatest people. I love her. And now I desperately want to day-drink with her. With Kelly Clarkson, I feel like she’s one of the few people who would make it as fun even when it’s not with the host of a late night talk show. (Pajiba) 

Game Night comes out really soon, if anyone is interested in seeing any other movie this month other than Black Panther. Game Night stars Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams. Rachel McAdams! When is the last time we’ve heard from Rachel McAdams? It’s been a while. Definitely not in 2018. Someone tweeted at me some new photos of her earlier this week and she was wearing a big coat and then people tried to rumour about why she’d be wearing a big coat. The premiere for Game Night at the press events should be happening soon so I guess we won’t have to wait long. Let’s not get too excited about a big coat though? (Mashable) 
I have heard that crocs are comfortable. I’ve never worn them. I don’t think I’ve ever slipped my foot in one. Not because I don’t believe that they’re comfortable but because, for no rational reason, admittedly, I’m afraid of the smell. Do they make your feet smell? I stood behind a dude once while waiting to get onto a roller coaster and he slipped his foot out of his croc while we were in line and the smell, Jesus, the smell. It wasn’t the crocs, right? It was the dude? Anyway, Drew Barrymore is selling crocs. (Go Fug Yourself)
Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick spend a lot of time apart and that’s why their marriage works. I believe this. Right now I’m on the road and Jacek is at home and last night was great, being on my own. And now I’m excited to go home. This is what works for us, and I get that other couples work differently. But there was a narrative in the past that people had to be all up in each other’s faces all the time and it set up some unrealistic expectations. (Cele|bitchy) 

Ryan Coogler directed Fruitvale. And Creed. And of course in two weeks everyone will know him as the director of Black Panther. Remember how we all fell in love with Taika Waititi because of Thor: Ragnarok? This will happen too with Ryan Coogler. He just maybe isn’t so much of a goof. But what does directing have to do with football? For Ryan Coogler… everything. (The Undefeated)