Demi Lovato and Max Ehrich were first confirmed to be dating in March, right after pandemic happened in North America. It was definitely a case of Fast Flames™: celebrity romances are often accelerated because they don’t have the mundane, logistical barriers that civilians have when it comes to pursuing their attractions; they have more money, more access, and more freedom. With celebrities then, hi how are you, you’re cute, can quickly become I love you forever and ever. And especially so when quarantine is involved, as Demi and Max immediately locked down together. Now, four months after they started dating, they’re engaged. Max proposed yesterday and both then shared the news on social media: 


That’s a gorgeous – and HUGE – diamond ring. And it’s great too that her manicure looks fresh for the photos. I do appreciate the photos. What I appreciate most is that Demi thanked the photographer in her post and explained how there even was a photographer, Angelo Kritikos, there in the first place. It’s clear that Max had this all planned and arranged for Angelo to be present and hiding. THANK YOU. No, seriously, THANK YOU. 

Because we’ve seen a lot of “I didn’t expect this!” celebrity engagements rolled out on IG without that background information and the suggestion is that the photos happened because the sun was just right and the light was just right and the angle was just right and everything is natural. Just because a photographer was asked to be there doesn’t mean the engagement isn’t legit, it doesn’t make the love any less real, doesn’t make their happiness any less legitimate. It just tells me that someone was thinking ahead. Why pretend otherwise? 

Here are Demi and Max, deliriously happy, out for dinner last night.