Demi and Scout sounds like the name of a clothing brand. (I think, my opinion.) Here, though, we are referring to Demi Moore and Scout Willis, in Paris for Fashion Week and seen at the Chloe show. But first, the reason they were there.


Scout is releasing a new album and the first single, “Love Without Possession”, drops in a couple of weeks. The song was remixed for the Chloe show and opened the presentation. It was Demi, then, who attended as Scout’s plus one. To hear the song, scroll through the carousel:  

To be honest, I’ve never heard Scout sing before. And I was surprised – she has a beautiful, rich, smoky tone to her voice. (Sarah: Did she inherit Bruno’s gift?!) I think I might like the song too, or at least the remix of it.  


As for their outfits…

This is coordination without super-matching. The lengths of both fits work together. Demi is in monochrome camel, several layers, and I wish we could get a better look at those boots because I’m pretty sure they’re excellent and I want them even though I haven’t gotten a 360 view. Scout’s boots are also excellent and buttery, and she’s doing a monochrome thing too in browns and marigold, a little bit western, which is trending this season, but there’s a 70s vibe with the suede and silhouette.  

Demi’s been on a fashion tear lately, as she was in both Milan and Venice in September for several events, living that yacht life. If Instagram is any indication, it’s been a whole month of fashion travel, since the beginning of September. If I were her, I’d keep going right up until her birthday in November.