There have been a lot of Zoom and FaceTime f-ckups the last few weeks as people are working from home and either not wearing pants or having their kids interrupt their interviews or not closing out all the tabs on their laptops during a lecture. Now it’s come to this – a half naked woman in the background while a news anchor in Spain was live on air. And then the internet quickly sleuthed out her identity and the fact that it was not his girlfriend. You know, if aliens are actually observing us, do you think they’re impressed by online investigations? I am consistently amazed at what people can put together. (Dlisted) 


I ….don’t understand what is happening in this headline. Regenerate body parts, what?! Denise Richards’s husband, whose name I’m not familiar with and I don’t really feel like learning it right now, apparently has a superpower? Am I hallucinating? (Cele|bitchy) 

It was almost 20 years ago that Geena Davis wore a sheer dress to the Emmys and… well… it was definitely a headline back then. Now? You’d barely notice it because sheer is everywhere. This dress for sure still works today but those shoes, my GOD, how did we ever let these kinds of shoes on a red carpet? And she wasn’t the only one. They were all over the place! (Go Fug Yourself) 

Now this is how you know someone’s sex appeal is off the charts – when they show up to do a reading, and it’s on video chat, and somehow they can still create chemistry with their scene partner. Both Marisa Tomei and Oscar Isaac are sizzling here. And a lot of people watching probably, um, had one hand somewhere. At least that’s how it sounds from all the tweets. (Pajiba) 

I’ve never been to a wedding where there’s been a wedding prank but I would love to see it. Is that a dick attitude? Is it dicky to plan a prank at a wedding, even when you know it’ll be well received? (Buzzfeed)