Every year, the etalk team spends days ahead of the Oscars working on questions and talking points for our Oscars pre-show live broadcast. Basically we run down the list of nominees and presenters and memorise the research packs and pick out which points we want to drop in when they arrive. And this is before the Academy lets us know who’s presenting with whom. So as we were going through Diane Keaton, my contribution, even though I had no idea she’d be paired with Keanu Reeves, I insisted that my talking point about her was that I was not over her going back to Jack Nicholson over KEANU REEVES in Something’s Gotta Give. And then they presented together and it was about her character picking Keanu Reeves instead, which, WHY WASN’T THAT THE ORIGINAL ENDING ANYWAY?!?

In our meeting, I went on a rant to the team about how I never bought that that’s how it would have went down – and they rolled their eyes at me like it was an irrelevant point. Excuse me, look what happened. Even Nancy Meyers is second-guessing herself. 


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If you need a refresher, by the way, on what that chemistry was like, please enjoy:


As for Keanu at the Oscars, one of the most highly anticipated moments of the night was whether or not he would walk the carpet with Alexandra Grant, but instead he brought his mother, costume designer Patricia Taylor who is ageless because she looks like she did 20 years ago. 

What I love about Keanu at these events is that he’s not that guy who skips interviews. If he’s coming, here’s there to participate in the entire process – which means he walked the carpet, he stopped for media, and he was there for the show, like there to watch the actual show, and you could see in so many cutaways that he was the one paying attention, laughing at the right times, fully dialed into the program…unlike most of them who can’t wait to go to the bar and hit the after-parties.

But that’s just so Keanu, right? He’s not a Hollywood asshole. If he agrees to come, he’s present and accounted for, and interested in what’s happening. How is it that he’s been able to stay so pure?!