I once interviewed Angelica Huston. She was very specific about the lighting in the room. We didn’t mind. Angelica was protecting herself, as older women have to do in an industry that often discards them. It’s one thing for Jennifer Lawrence to be badly lit now and again – although Darren Aronofsky lit her as well as anyone ever has in mother! which is maybe the only good thing about mother! – but it’s another for an actress of a certain age to be badly lit… even just once. And Angelica Huston has one of the most interesting, distinctive faces in the business. It’s a face of angles, a face that is unconventionally beautiful by the “convention” of Hollywood. Which she would know, which she has known since the beginning. Which means she’s aware of how best to present it. Not unlike Barbra Streisand. Also a legend. Also legendarily particular. (Dlisted) 

Did Angelina Jolie get “testy” when asked about Brad Pitt? I wish we could see this footage. Because she’s on a press tour right now. It’s not like she wouldn’t have been prepared for this tour and for a question like this to come up. The way this sounds it’s like she was caught off-guard and unable to regulate her reaction in time… which… is not Angelina Jolie’s style. It is, however, most celebrities’ style to regulate questions, period. “No questions about X, Y, Z” is what we hear often at junkets and on red carpets. Angelina herself once tried to make this happen and got sh-t for it. A star on Brad Pitt’s level for sure does the same, especially now, in the limited press opportunities he engages in. This is why you won’t hear about him getting “testy”. Because he would never be asked about her in the first place. (Cele|bitchy)

I wonder if the problem with Margot Robbie’s look here is the hair. Will clashing hair and dress be like clashing prints? Not sure this will ever take on. That wet slick flat look isn’t doing anything for this dress. The gown isn’t great to begin with. But I’m not sure it would be as terrible as it is here if there was something different to look at up top. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling are in London now promoting Blade Runner 2049. Ryan’s in another interesting sweater. A sweater that matches his coat. I’m now obsessed with this – the matching sweater-to-coat thing and his growing collection of sweaters. He was in another, much uglier one, the other day. (Just Jared) 

Yacht ownership is next level wealth. We were on holiday one year and there was a massive yacht posted up off-shore; every day a helicopter would come in for pickups and drop-offs. Billionaires love to measure dicks against these kinds of toys. Now there’s a new toy. A Porsche yacht. (TMZ) 

Jake Gyllenhaal is talking about babies. And has talked about wanting babies. Jake Gyllenhall bump-watch, coming soon to a tabloid near you? (Vanity Fair)