Timothée Chalamet’s social media activity is mostly work-related. It’s not that he never posts personal photos or moments but we’re not getting OOTD pictures on the regular. That said, when he does post, even though the shots might be blurry or he’s only showing half his face, I feel like we can still call it a thirst trap because the internet is just so thirsty for him in general that any time there’s anything new, even when all you can see is the back of him, fully clothed, walking away from the camera, it’s a big reaction. 


So imagine him in water and his shirt is off. Which is what happened yesterday. 


These two photos on their own is enough for a story. But then of course there’s the Kylie Jenner angle. Two weeks ago TMZ reported that the two are “still a thing” amid speculation that their situationship is over. Then last week, according to ET, they’re keeping their thing “low key” - the point is, Kris Jenner is trying to make it clear, even though there have been no sightings, that whatever it is between them is still happening. 

And now the internet is running with these photos that Timmy posted from his holiday. Because Kylie’s birthday was a couple of weeks ago and she also shared some thirst traps from her trip and used the word “summer” as well…


…and now people are doing this: 


The assumption that some people are making is that this is the same location, that Timmy was with Kylie for her birthday and that they either didn’t think that people would be able to connect the images or that they want us to connect the images and know that they’re still f-cking. 

I’m not an expert in tropical landscapes so this is a stretch for me but maybe the people who theorise about this sh-t on social media do have doctorates in tropical landscape identification and we should take their word as confirmation that Timmy and Kylie are/were indeed rubbing up against each other on a hot island.