After hinting at it for what seems like five years, Diddy announced yesterday that he’ll be releasing his first album since Press Play in 2006. The Love Album: Off the Grid will drop on September 15… with a LOT of features. 


We’ll get back to that in a minute, let’s talk first about how Diddy shared the news – with a trailer that seems like it’s a preview both for an album and, presumably?, a documentary about the making of the album. 


This was also posted on his social channels – 3 minutes and 45 seconds of mostly him talking which lol all the digital media experts will tell you is wayyyyyy too long for the algorithm. Does that apply to celebrities though or just the normies? Do attention deficient Zillennials and Gen As have longer attention spans just for famous people? 


“I’m not leaving here ‘til the world is changed” is what Diddy promises at the end of the video and frankly that’s the kind of energy you expect from one of the most important figures in music. Minimalist Diddy is not what anyone signed up for. So while he claims to have gone “off the grid” in order to make this album happen, please be reassured that “off the grid” to Diddy means helicopters, private islands, yachts, champagne, platinum, diamonds, and a lot of bare ass. I’m not complaining. 

But I am curious about the sound. Because he’s recruited a lot of talent. Mary J Blige, Babyface, DJ Khaled, The Weeknd, Teyana Taylor, Justin Bieber, Yung Miami, Swae Lee, French Montana, 21 Savage… and there will probably also be surprise guests. Diddy is making it known that when he calls, everyone picks up. But this is just the beginning. Diddy’s aiming for a total takeover upon his return. And one of the best parts is… we can call him Diddy! The comeback is not coming with a new name!