Diddy and Cassie have been broken up publicly for over a week. When their split was announced, Cassie’s rep confirmed that they hadn’t been together for months. While the rumours were that Diddy left Cassie heartbroken without a ring and moved on with a model, I wrote that we shouldn’t be so quick to paint Cassie as the sad, dumped ex. I speculated that it could have been Cassie who left Diddy heartbroken.

Here’s what Diddy posted on Instagram on Friday (hilariously, he shut off the comments). 


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If anyone sees @cassie this weekend please tell her to listen to this song 100 times! 

This post is embarrassing for Diddy on so many levels. Dedicating a song to someone on social media is a corny move on its own that even I, a staunch lover of love and corny romantic sh-t, can’t defend. Then, Diddy doesn’t even directly address this post to Cassie. It’s to “anyone [who] sees” Cassie. LOL what? Diddy is telling us that Cassie clearly isn’t speaking to his ass. She also doesn’t even follow him on Instagram anymore. Diddy is declaring his love for Cassie publicly to get her attention since she’s probably got his number blocked. He’s pulling a Robin Thicke. It’s embarrassing and it’s emotionally manipulative. He’s trying to come off as the chivalrous man who just wants his “lady” back.

And baby through the years
Gonna love you more each day
So I promise you tonight
That you'll always be the lady in my life

That’s a sample of some of the MJ lyrics Diddy wants Cassie to listen to 100 times. Diddy was spotted with model Jocelyn Chew multiple times, right around the time of his breakup with Cassie. By announcing to the world and “anyone [who] sees” Cassie that she is the sole lady in his life, Diddy may be trying to send a message that his thing with Jocelyn is over. How romantic. 

Diddy didn’t stop at his desperate song dedication. He also commented on Cassie’s latest IG post with “Love you forever.” Where are Diddy’s friends? He is this close to releasing a remix to “Get Her Back".  If anyone sees Diddy this week, tell him this is NOT how you get an ex back. I hope Cassie pulls a Paula Patton and never goes back. 

Attached - Diddy at the Casamigos Halloween party on the weekend.