One of them has to be. Which is it? My money was on Snow White, but a still from Ralph Breaks the Internet, the sequel to Disney Animation’s surprise hit Wreck It Ralph, puts Snow White in a distinctly Rockabilly outfit, with the red bow and off-the-shoulder shirt. The still reveals the Disney princesses in casual wear, as Vanellope crashes their inner sanctum. The actual scene is teased in the trailer, which you can see here:


So apparently hanging out with Vanellope inspires the princesses to relax a little bit and they get into lounge wear for a hangout sesh. Only problem is, the still they’ve released teasing this moment is not a good view on what several of the princesses are wearing. I can’t tell what Ariel and Pocahontas are wearing at all, and Moana appears to be in a tank top? And Rapunzel is in a hoodie, maybe? It turns out a lot of the princesses are basic af.

You know who’s not basic? Mulan. LOOK AT HER JACKET. I actively want Mulan’s red and gold jacket. And Snow White’s rockabilly look is cute. But Mulan is the best-dressed Casual Princess by default. And as for my suspicions that one of the princesses is Goth, it might be Ariel. We can’t see what she’s wearing, but look at her face. Her expression is 100% disaffected teen. I would absolutely watch a movie about Goth Ariel’s disaffected adventures on land. That is a girl who has burned down the Hot Topic.