Disney World has reopened…even though Florida is breaking records in COVID-19 new infections. One of the reasons Disney is Disney is because they are so committed to the brand, so committed to the illusion, committed to the fantasy. If you’ve been to Disney World or Disneyland, pre-coronavirus, you’ve seen this in action. I remember not seeing any garbage cans because it's a place of magic, there’s no trash! But how does COVID reality work with the fantasy? Like … mask-wearing. And social distancing? What does that look like? (Dlisted) 


I baked a cake this weekend – a chocolate chip Bundt cake, my first time with it. Turned out great. Pretty sure my cake would not have been trending on Twitter this weekend. Those kinds of cakes are… well… people have had enough of them, and I don’t disagree. Just because you can make a cake in the shape of a croc, it doesn’t mean you should. Because the purpose of a cake is to want to eat it! Isn’t it? Or has that changed? If it has, please let me know. (Pajiba) 

I think I might need to buy Danica McKellar’s new book – and I’m not even a parent. But I do not get new math. I get old math and I can do math; new math, however, I stumbled on a website a couple of years ago with new math and had no idea what the f-ck was happening. And it’s not like I want to spend my free time on math but probably it’s something we should all be familiar with? Or… nah? (Cele|bitchy) 

OMG these throwback ELLE June covers are such a trip. I remember almost all of them. I bought almost all of them. And some of them were taped to my bedroom wall when I was a teenager. Did that f-ck me up? Probably. (Go Fug Yourself) 

If you were wondering about Gemma Chan and Dominic Cooper, they’re in London and they’re still together. (JustJared)