As you know, Asahd Khaled, DJ Khaled’s son, executive produced his new album. Asahd was born in October. He’s 8 months old. And he’s big on social media. Almost a million followers on his own Instagram account. Which is why he was such a big deal last night at the BET Awards – Asahd was carried on the red carpet, he was held during the show, and he was lifted up on stage to join his dad during the performance.

Also he wore the same blue tux as Gucci Mane, only better:

What kills me about Asahd is that, if you watched the red carpet show, he was living for it. And everyone else was living for him. Seriously, the reaction to him by the fans and the stars when he arrived was amazing. Because that’s kinda what Asahd is used to now. Like there was a BOAT ON THE STAGE WITH HIS NAME ON IT! No wonder he’s so chill! Look at his face!

Will it be the same when he’s a teenager though?