One of the most earnest moments of last night’s Grammy Awards was when Doja Cat and SZA won Best Pop Duo/Group Performance over BTS, Coldplay, Justin Bieber and Tony Bennett/Lady Gaga for last summer’s smash hit, “Kiss Me More”. 



The whole moment played out how award shows should – a magical moment surrounded by some unpredictable chaos. Avril Lavigne reveals their names and SZA jumps out of her chair, hobbling on crutches – with help, at one point, from Lady Gaga – to the stage. But SZA still manages to beat Doja Cat to the microphone, who then appears, out of breath. “I have never taken such a fast piss in my whole life,” she says before adjusting her dress. Apparently she was in the bathroom when her category was being called. You can see in behind the scenes video, she’s literally running to the stage


Like breaking character on SNL, getting caught in the bathroom during your category is something producers hate but we as fans love because (just like on SNL) it makes good TV! Doja accepting her award frazzled and out of breath is great TV and it was a great time to be on Twitter during that moment


I want to know the full story. At what point did she know it was her category? I like to imagine she’s in a stall and hears Avril Lavigne presenting Best Pop Duo/Group over a speaker in the washroom at which point she starts to hustle. How close are the bathrooms to the stage? I would watch a whole mini-doc on this moment. 

After SZA says a few words, the gravity of the situation sinks in for Doja. She stops hamming up the moment and starts to cry. This is the first Grammy win for both artists and the first time a Black female duo has ever won the category. Doja says, “I like to downplay a lot of sh-t but this is a big deal.” It’s really all she can really make out without falling into tears. Now Lady Gaga is tearing up and my eyes start to well up at home. Like Doja, I breeze past accomplishments and downplay my wins in self-deprecating ways, but sometimes you’ve got to force yourself to sit still for a second and say, I did that sh-t

Awards don’t mean everything, but I wonder what this win and the feeling she’s attaching to it will mean in regards to her claim she’s quitting music. I doubt she would have followed through on that statement, but this Grammy win might provide her with the clarity she needed in regards to her career. Timing is everything.