As previously mentioned, DListed, one of the best-ever gossip blogs, is shutting down as of today. Michael K and Allison revived DListed, The Podcast for one last episode to discuss why Michael K decided to get out of the gossip blogging game (and talk Scandoval, for the Pump people). 


The contributing writers also posted their farewells (Michelle, Emily, Kristian, and Mieka). It’s an emotional goodbye to one of the internet’s best sites. DListed brought so many of us so much joy over the years, I will miss it and all the fabulous writers who made it great, starting with Michael K. (DListed)

People are trying to guess who the bloodsucker, famef-cker is in Olivia Rodrigo’s new single, “Vampire”. I don’t particularly care, the song is SO good, it’s about every terrible ex we’ve all ever had. The video is also cool, I love the 1980’s lo-fi horror aesthetic. I really liked Sour, and am super looking forward to GUTS, not least because I wonder if the title is a reference to the 1990s Nickelodeon gameshow of the same name. Olivia is WAY too young for that, but that is where my 90s kid thinking went. (Popsugar)

Christina Aguilera’s New York fashion parade continues with a tiger print…jumpsuit? Whatever it is, YES. (Go Fug Yourself)


Rolling Stone published their three-month investigation into Jonathan Majors, revealing a pattern of abusive, toxic behavior, toward intimate partners and co-workers in professional settings. It’s not great, Bob! But to say that Majors’ career is over? Premature. His trial is set for August, and the DARVO playbook (deny, attack, reverse victim and offender) is in full effect. Majors has filed a domestic violence complaint against his ex-girlfriend, and outlets are reporting that the NYPD “has evidence to arrest” her, which is different from ACTUALLY arresting her, but the damage is done. 

Now it’s a “they’re both abusers” narrative, and in case you forgot how that works out, Johnny Depp was just in a film that opened the Cannes Film Festival. Never mind Anthony Mackie, the new Captain America, is on the record supporting Majors. This is a long way from over, and it’s going to get worse. (Celebitchy)


Are men okay? The answer is obviously, No, they’re not, but this new story in The New Yorker about penis implants and the potentially devastating aftereffects is equal parts bonkers and sad. It reminds me of the story from last year about men undergoing painful leg-lengthening procedures in order to be taller. I find the stories of the high-end elective procedures that men undergo in order to better conform—in their minds—to societal standards for “alpha males” fascinating, but also EXTREMELY ANNOYING BECAUSE WHERE IS THIS SH-T IN THE CONVERSATION ABOUT GENDER AFFIRMING CARE.

I am BEGGING the next person who sits before a government body to bring up these stories when politicians start debating a person’s right to affirming medical care. What is getting a penis implant except gender affirming care? These men want a bigger dick to support their sense of self as a dick-swinging man. And yet, this NEVER comes up when access to gender affirming care is on the line for the trans and non-binary community.


Trans actor Miss Benny and non-binary actor Liv Hewson are out here talking about how gender-affirming care has made them happier, healthier, and more fully of themselves, never mind Elliot Page writing a whole book about his journey to live his best life. We’ll let men get barely regulated elective procedures so they can have a huge hog, but we won’t grant access to actual, medically supported procedures and therapies so that trans and non-binary folks can be wholly in their body. 

Don’t get me wrong, if a guy wants to spend the price of a luxury sedan to get a piece of plastic jammed in his johnson, he should be able to do that (even if it means wrecking his wang forever. F-ck around, find out). But trans and non-binary people should have access to the medical care they need, it is a basic human right, and just ONCE I would like someone to point out the insane double standard of these wildly risky elective procedures men undergo flying under the regulatory radar while the 2SLGBTQIA+ community is having their rights and medical access wrenched away. (The New Yorker)