For weeks now there have been rumours that Timothée Chalamet and Kylie Jenner have broken up or that they’re expecting a child together. This week the internet is leaning towards pregnancy. Here’s how it all started. 


A few weeks ago Daniel Tosh said on his podcast that he heard from a grocery store employee that the KarJenners were filming there and it was the pregnancy reveal. TMZ sources then countered that that was bullsh-t and that Daniel was doing this for clout. 


Then a now deleted photo surfaced on social media a few days ago of the KarJenners at Karen Houghton’s funeral and while everyone else is dressed up and made up, which is how they normally present themselves, only Kylie was very casual, seemingly bare-faced and dressed in athleisure. People jumped on that, on Reddit there was a post that about she was wearing her “pregnancy tracksuit” and then The Sun further amplified it when they picked up on what people were saying on Reddit. And in response to The Sun’s story, this tweet was posted yesterday which resulted in the rumour trending on socials. 

Part of the trending had to do with people wondering what how the Club Chalamet account would react and whether or not she would spiral. 


So this is where we are now. A grocery store employee and a tracksuit, that’s the circumstantial evidence. To be fair, a tracksuit is not just a tracksuit where the KarJenners are concerned. These people never miss an opportunity to turn out, even at a funeral.

But now we’re ten days away from the Met Gala. And they’re known to be there every year now. So if Kylie is going, and if she really is expecting, will that be the reveal? Or if she doesn’t show up, will that further fuel the speculation?

Travis Scott supposedly posted and deleted this. How are you interpreting his response? 

Timmy meanwhile has been in New York and New Jersey working on the Bob Dylan biopic. He’s a Met Gala semi-regular, and his Dune co-star Zendaya is co-chairing this year; it would not be surprising if he attends in support. And because, obviously, he’s a fashion girly. 

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