Katie Holmes was photographed a few days ago kissing and flirting with Emilio Vitolo, ostensibly her new boyfriend. Emilio’s family owns a popular restaurant in New York. You can see the pictures here. Because we live in the time of Instagram, already there’s been some forensics into this relationship. 


Emilio left a comment on one of Katie’s posts about six weeks ago. At the time though, on his Instagram, there were still pictures up of Emilio and his then-fiancée Rachel Emmons. They never officially announced their engagement but there was a shot of her wearing a jacket that read “Mrs Vitolo” from last year. Those photos, however, are now gone from Emilio’s IG. They were not gone from Rachel’s IG at the time that Katie and Emilio were papped together recently… but she’s now made her account private and it’s believed she’s scrubbed the images off her page too. So far that’s all we have but something to keep an eye on. 

As for Katie and Emilio and this very public display of affection – it’s a lot quicker than we saw when she was with Jamie Foxx … for FIVE YEARS!


Throughout that relationship, while Katie and Jamie were sighted together occasionally, and the paps pulled off some pics of them kissing on a boat at the end of 2018 and holding hands in the spring of 2019, that was towards the end of their relationship, which was marked by occasions when Jamie would publicly announce he was single, and seemed to do all that he could to avoid acknowledging that they were together. 

Many believed that the reason they kept their situation so undercover was because of an alleged contract between her and Tom Cruise after their divorce about maintaining a five year single status or something. That’s possible because… Scientology. But it’s also possible that Jamie wasn’t about that life. 

Seeing what we’re now seeing with Katie and Emilio, all over each other on a restaurant patio, it’s hard not to make the comparison. Will they make a full retreat now that it’s out there? Or will there be more? 

Attached - Katie buying art supplies in New York on the weekend.