I wonder if there are a few public relations experts or crisis management specialists out there considering offering their services pro bono to Dominic West right now. F-ck it, I’m not technically in PR but I’m around it enough to be able to provide some guidance and I would do it for free too, because anything is better that whatever it is he’s up to. He’s trying it though. And this cheating scandal is getting more and more bonkers!


It was already bonkers yesterday when Dominic and his wife Catherine decided to do a “We’re fine! Nothing to see here!” photo shoot in front of their house, capping it off with a handwritten note taped to their shrubbery declaring the fortitude of their marriage. Now more friends are stepping forward and telling the UK tabloids his “side” of the story – the story being that he was papped in Rome all over Lily James. 

Sources are now telling the Daily Mail that Lily may have called Catherine on Monday night to explain that the photos of Dominic getting all horny up in her face have been misinterpreted. The wording on this in the article is weird – I don’t think anyone really knows if Lily called Catherine; it sounds like they’re wondering if she did. But there are sources who are being quoted quite specifically to spin another version of what happened between Dominic and Lily in Rome:

"Other sources say their mutual agent, Angharad Wood, who was pictured at the restaurant in Rome, would have offered some reassurance. Sources indicate that Lily and Dominic were in Rome to visit her and her baby daughter, who was born in August.


Angharad’s partner is Italian actor Riccardo Scamarcio — familiar to UK audiences as Count Fosco in the 2018 adaptation of The Woman In White.

One pal said: ‘The fact that Angharad was there will have been very reassuring to Catherine as the two women are good friends.

‘Angharad would not have stood for anything going on and he would certainly not be so stupid as to do anything in front of her. Dom has a bit of history with women from some time ago, but he’s much too clever to get caught out this way.

‘The fact is he’s a very cuddly kind of person, really a big teddy bear, and you could probably have a picture of him like this with a dozen of his female friends.’”


Right. Basically the angle here is that he’s not a cheater, he’s just a “big teddy bear”. So if you were looking at those shots of him with his hands all over Lily and his face nuzzled in her neck, you weren’t supposed to see that as horniness. It was platonic stuffed toy affection, OK?! Shame on you and your filthy mind!

And also, he’s “much too clever” to get busted with his lover in Rome, how dare you insult his intellect. 


Remember what Cardi B said last week about Offset: “He a dumbass not a bad man”. 

Dominic West and Offset should be friends.