One word, multiple meanings. There’s been a heatwave in the northeast. Toronto is 750km away from New York but the weather has been similar lately – dangerously hot, unsafe for the elderly and those with pre-existing health issues. It broke a bit last night in Toronto because there was a storm so there’s some relief but they’re saying the heat will pick up again in the coming days. I’ll stop there because we’re not the Weather Network but the point is, people have been dealing with some blazing temperatures which is where we find Donald Glover. 


Here he is, walking around NYC, wearing as little clothing as possible. But still matching! Yellow bucket, yellow short shorts with the green trim, and yellow sneakers… 

It’s a really good look. And very much on trend. The 70s is trending all over for everyone, including men’s shorts style. The thigh is having a moment, and it’s been a while. For almost two decades the male thigh was kept concealed. As Donald and so many others are now showing though – why hide the thigh? The thigh is back. And of course there’s an internet expression for this: “hoochie daddy shorts”, LOL. 

This is hoochie daddy season. It’s not just guns out, it’s guns out and thighs out. 


For everyone? No, not everyone. I guarantee my husband will be slow to get on this – if ever. Because he’s a fashion loser. So I appreciate the dudes out there who are living their best free-thigh lives this summer. And in as many colours as possible. Thank you, Donald Glover, hoochie daddy.