After winning the Grammy for Best Traditional R&B Performance, Donald Glover confirmed last night that he will soon retire Childish Gambino. There’s probably one more Childish Gambino project on the way but after that, he’s done with the name. Because, as he said, “I like endings. I think they’re important to progress”. 

Why would you want to argue with this? Donald Glover was only 21 when he started writing for Tina Fey while still living in a university dorm. Later on, when he left to be on Community, she said that she normally rolls her eyes when people want to leave the writers’ room. But Donald was the exception

Of the many writers who have suggested this over the past 20 years, Donald is the only one with whom I’ve ever agreed. One hundred percent, he should go be a star.

He’s created his own award-winning television series. He’s now a Grammy winner. And Lando Calrissian. And Simba! So yeah, no, nobody’s here to challenge his decisions. 

Also, that performance last night, my GOD. 

A friend of mine thought it should be on the main stage. I see her point, because he’s Donald Glover. But I also enjoyed the intimacy of him being on the side stage, especially since what he gave us was so erotic, I don’t know if it would have had the same effect all front and centre. Donald was doing things to me with his voice in that white suit. I only realised after it was done that my hand was on my tit the whole time. Then I texted Duana about how turned on I was and she wrote back, “That is correct”. A second later Kathleen texted to tell me she was wet. The three of us rarely, if ever agree on attraction. Donald Glover is the intersection. You’re standing at the intersection too, right? And moaning? 

PS. Childish Gambino performed last night with JD McCrary, who will play young Simba in The Lion King.