Alison Brie was, once again, a double-nominee for her role on GLOW. GLOW is set in the 1980s. Ever since she started getting nominated for GLOW, she has really embraced the Eighties glam of GLOW, and regularly wears dresses that are sort of tacky in that over-the-top 80s way (see also: last year’s lightning bolt dress). This year, she showed up in a black Miu Miu gown with giant bow angel wings (and Fred Leighton jewelry for the sparkle). I’m sure a lot of people hate this dress, but I love it. It fits right into the on-purpose excess of the era of GLOW. I’m not super into the little bows on the front, but the bow wings are so big and extra that I give the dress a pass for just putting it all on the table. No bow left behind!

This was also an improved year for Brie, though she didn’t win, because this time she didn’t have to answer questions about her brother-in-law, James Franco. Despite “Times Up X2” it does feel like everyone has moved on and it’s back to business as usual, but one upside is that women are no longer having to answer for the garbage men they are associated with. If we learned anything from #TimesUp it’s that garbage men will have unlimited chances to be redeemed by doing the absolute bare minimum to get along in polite society, and the only way to be cast out is to lose people money. (What’s the difference between Harvey Weinstein and Bryan Singer? One of them lost money.) And hopefully we also learned to stop asking women to be responsible for the garbage men in their lives. Alison Brie is a back-to-back double-nominee for GLOW. There are way more interesting things to talk about than her brother-in-law.