I’m not mad, I just want to talk to whoever was in charge of Shangela’s look at the SAG Awards yesterday. Although it wasn’t a big night for A Star is Born, it was a big night for Shangela and Willam, two of my favourite drag queens who walked the red carpet. The two joined the ASIB team at the SAG Awards yesterday, even though they weren’t actually nominated. The SAG awards have a (dumb) rule where nominees for an “Outstanding Cast” must be credited on a separate title card to qualify. Hence, the two queens, among many more amazing actors, were snubbed despite giving us hilarious and entertaining performances in the film. I mean, how relatable was it when Bradley Cooper asks what he should sing and Willam replies, “I don’t care, just look at me while you do it.” 

Willam looked great yesterday, especially in this Marilyn Monroe-esque shot. I loved the big hair, the accessories, and the dress. The palette is a little all over the place, but it fits with Willam’s brand and personality. 

Shangela walked the carpet in a beautiful ruffled Siriano dress. The colours on this dress are exquisite, and I love the transition from the bold fuchsia to the softer pinks. While Shangela’s dress was everything yesterday, someone needs to be arrested for the rest. Her hairstylist did her dirty by having her edges show so clearly, and by giving her a disjointed bun in two colours. Don’t forget the wispy strands in front that really tied the whole thing together (or rather untied it). Her make-up was unfortunate, especially those eyebrows, and I’m not the biggest fan of those earrings either. It didn’t even look like her! I remember looking her, scanning up slowly until:

Everything from the neck down was an example of sartorial excellence (as Duana would say), so it’s supremely unfortunate that her hair and makeup couldn’t compliment it. Also, that lighting was just homophobic.

 The sad part is that these details detracted from Shangela’s incredible personality and talent. She is great in ASIB, and her looks are usually WAAAAAAY better. This should have been a night of celebration, not one of criticism. 

Despite this setback, Willam and Shangela looked like they had a blast last night. Shangela shared a lot of the evening on her Instagram story, and she acted like how we all would at the SAG awards. She took selfies with celebrities, gawked at Glenn Close, took glam videos with Gaga, and danced her heart out. I love her.

Yesterday, Shangela also hit a million Instagram followers. It was a big day for her and for drag queens. Although we are still in the early phases of drag entering main stream media, it’s amazing to see the progress that these queens have made. Two incredibly beautiful and talented queens walked the red carpet for an important award show in this season. Bad eyebrows and edges aside, I’m incredibly proud of them – let’s hope we see them at the Oscars.