Drake is currently on tour. Here he is in New York over the last couple of days. But I’m not here to talk about his music or his musical performances. I’m just using these pictures to talk about the Drake thing that went viral the other day which is Drake and Bobbi. If you don’t already know, Bobbi is super popular on TikTok for her weird energy and awkward interviews and the host of The Really Good Podcast. I recently listened to her episode with Funny Marco, the two of them were pretty great together. 


Bobbi has been getting bigger and bigger celebrities lately – like Armani White who (not that this has anything to do with anything) is SO hot, OMG. 

Anyway, Bobbi’s biggest get by far is Drake. She posted a couple of teasers of their interview the other day and it has blown up. Bobbi’s already a big deal on TikTok, but of course Drake is a big deal period, everywhere, and he also doesn’t do a lot of interviews. So for him to show up, and in bed with her, and obviously game to play along – it’s a vibe, and it’s funny. 

It’s the subtle changes in his face, especially when she tells him that she wasn’t talking about his song – he looks down, uncomfortably, and then tries to recover. And then she’s all like, “nnnnooo”, in that lazy way of hers, and his expression here: 

A person sitting in a bed with a microphone

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LOLOLOLOL, it’s so good. 

And there’s more. Here’s another clip that Drake posted himself:

“Before the iPhone”!!!! This is my favourite Drake. 

But it’s also another example of what Drake is also good at which is media, new media. Like, sure, Bobbi might have almost five million followers on TikTok but he’s Drake, he doesn’t have to get into bed, literally, with a TikTokker. He does it because he knows what the benefit is TO HIM.