As the “In My Feelings” challenge continues to be the most dominant and annoying thing on the internet, Drake is on a high. A viral moment like this is exactly what Drake needed coming off of Scorpion. We know that Drake has Shiggy to thank for catapulting “In My Feelings” from a hit song to a cultural phenomenon but Drake is no stranger to creating content that becomes prolific. Drake is very good at infiltrating the culture with his content. Drake is going to be an excellent executive producer.

Drake and his manager Future the Prince will executive produce a new teen drama from HBO called Euphoria starring Zendaya, Maude Apatow and Storm Reid. They had me at “teen drama.” Drake and Future’s plans to foray into television production have been in the works for a while. Lainey and Duana talked about their TV and film ambitions on Show Your Work last year.  At the time, Lainey asked whether this would be Drake’s chance to prove himself as a “reformer or a revolutionary.” In this case, Drake looks like he may be attempting to reform from within. Drake has gotten criticism in the past (sometimes from me) for not using his platform to say something important. Does Drake finally take a stand through the work he produces?

Euphoria is adapted from an Israeli series and according to THR, it “follows a group of high school students as they ‘navigate drugs, sex, identity, trauma, social media, love and friendship.’” HBO’s SVP of drama called it "Kids meets Trainspotting, and what might exist when parents don't exist." They had me at “high school students.” Euphoria’s pilot was directed by Augustine Frizzell, also an EP on the series. So, the cast is diverse and it’s directed by a woman. It’s also got Zendaya and Storm Reid presumably playing roles like we’ve never seen them play before. If Zendaya’s Instagram teaser (below) is any indication, her squeaky-clean on-screen image is going to be obliterated. I’M IN.

This is a great look for Drake. That Pusha T beef feels like it was a long time ago, doesn’t it?


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