Dear Gossips,

There are the Met Gala outfits…and then there are the after-party outfits. OF COURSE Rihanna had on my favourite after-party outfit. Her after-party, after all, was the one everyone wanted to go to. It was blue-silver pyjamas, left open to almost the navel, bra exposed. Please. She’s untouchable. And this tweet sums it up:

Rihanna hung out at the Met Gala with Sarah Paulson. They were together during Madonna’s performance. Have you seen this yet? 

This is the celebrity friendship I want to live for. I might live for it more than Aubrih. Which, as she told Vogue in her cover story, doesn’t exist anymore. The exact quote: 

“We don’t have a friendship now, but we’re not enemies either. It is what it is.”

What it is now is that Drake has unfollowed Rihanna on Instagram. Of course he did. It hasn’t been a good week for him so far. The Raptors got swept by LeBron James and the Cavaliers. And while that was happening, Drake had to see social media light up with Rihanna’s Met Gala amazingness. That must have been really hard for him. 

More after-party fashion and gossip to come. 

Yours in gossip,