You guys know I usually wait and do a giant roundup of name updates. And I will freely confess that I have earlier updates than these still waiting for their day in the sun.  But, but, but ...
Remember I said that August people were in a class of their own? I have more proof – these people are the parents who are updating within weeks of their letters being run! First of all, here’s the response to ‘There’s Something About Allie’:
Hi Duana,
Thank you for posting my letter. Sadly, I’m not trolling you. I googled it I found the reddit thread. I saw it as a meme on Instagram.
I had the baby on August 5 and we called him Alexander Pierce MacDougall. Which oddly enough is the same name as a villain in a Captain America movie. I’ve read your articles about naming your kid something that’s also like a pop culture reference or public figure and I believe you say don’t worry cuz not everyone will get it. To be honest the only reason we know it’s the villain is because my husband googled the name after he came up with it. 
Ultimately, I sided with the voice of reason which was everyone else and will call him Allie. I have always loved the name Alexander and if he’s gonna be a freak that should be his choice and not mine.
I saw this on Instagram today and figured I’d share, cuz Alligator would have belonged in this class.

(She linked to this image, which I’m happy to say has been sent to me no fewer than 45 times…) 


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Then there was this update, from the author of ‘The Joke’s On Us’ 
Well Duana, 

In case you had any doubts about the Universe’s sense of humor, Baby Boy 3 arrived 31 minutes before you posted my letter and your advice! 

I hope you won’t be surprised or disappointed that I did not see the article until days later. Many of your suggestions had been discussed and liked/eliminated by one (cough cough) of us. 

Hours after his arrival, Benjamin Gordon had his name. 

So, thank you again for reading my letter and all the effort of responding. -The universe just had other plans! 

Also, I can confirm that August has had a true baby boom, according to the hospital nursing staff. They only think it will be surpassed by October/November when the Polar Vortex babies begin arriving. So, hopefully you have a restful September! 

-Ben’s Mom



You guys – what is it about August? I love these so much. And finally just to round out the joy, here’s an email I got from a reader, not a writer, but that you’ll love a lot anyway… 
Hey Duana!
Love your column. We took my friend's son to a fishing derby in Hamilton, ON. He's 10. Caught an awesome specimen.
[Duana – The bold is my phrasing - I’ve removed the specifics to protect his identity, I’m sure the fishing derby doesn’t call them ‘specimens’!] Came in 3rd!
Of interest to you will be the names of the kids in all the different categories and how they've changed over the years right up to the adult division.


Tres cool. Enjoy!