Like Taylor Swift, Dwayne The Rock Johnson has also been having a very good PR week, although for me personally, even though this first story is meant to show how committed he is to fitness, it just makes me hopeless, LOL. 


Page Six reports that The Rock showed up unannounced at a random Equinox the other day. The Rock going to a gym is not news. But this is in the details. 

The pro wrestler-turned-actor was so pressed to get in a workout recently, he arrived fresh off a flight to an Equinox gym in Aventura, Fla., just 30 minutes before it closed. The Rock sent staffers at the swanky gym into a frenzy because he was so eager to pump iron, he bypassed the usual check-in process. We hear he arrived with an entourage of two, and the “front desk team was noticeably shaken by the visitors, and had to address them,” a source told Page Six.

One staffer was overheard saying, “but he’s so big,” before eventually approaching the star to ask him to check in.

The Rock apologized profusely and explained that he’d just gotten off a long flight and “really had to get a good workout in.”


Is this the thing that sends The Rock into a full panic? When he’s been travelling and busy doing his Rock things, like writing seven-figure checks to the SAG-AFTRA Foundation, he hasn’t been able to find time to work out, to the point where he rushes into any gym he can find and beelines it to the weights and just starts pumping right away? Like I’m picturing someone who is so thirsty, they haven’t had a sip of water for hours so when they see a water fountain, they push everyone out of the way to get hydrated… only instead of water, for the Rock it’s a set of dumbbells. 

And it was probably, like, six hours since his last workout. OK, maybe a 12. But no more than a whole day. What’s the worst that could happen?

Before you start serving me with fitness science, I get it. I’m not about to challenge The Rock on muscle maintenance and calorie to muscle burn etc etc etc. Obviously there’s a formula to this – some serious math on how often you have to eat and what you eat and when you burn and how long you burn for to keep up a physique like his. 


All I’m saying is that knowing that this math is a thing makes me despondent. I haven’t run in several months because of plantar fasciitis and I haven’t weight-trained in months because of Lainey Lazyitis so now I’m thinking if The Rock is that desperate to work out after what is at most a day, my muscle cells are probably beyond the point of rescue. 

Anyway, in other The Rock news, he also made me cry for a different reason. He’s not just giving money to actors, he’s giving money to athletes too. I know eventually someone out there is going to tell me that this isn’t the feelgood story that I’m taking it for right now, because that’s just how cynical we’ve been conditioned to be these days, and sure, maybe it was self-serving for The Rock to share this… but right now my bitch heart is moved!