It was announced yesterday that Ed Skrein has been cast in the Maleficent sequel, playing the villain opposite Angelina Jolie. Villainy is Ed Skrein’s thing – he’s been a villain in his last several projects. But he’s also been working on the film adaptation of James Baldwin’s If Beale Street Could Talk. This is Barry Jenkins’s follow-up to Moonlight. With this source material and writer-director, the film has strong award contender possibilities which means it’s a great career move for Ed. You always want to be in the orbit of someone like Barry Jenkins, someone who is asked for recommendations and is in the position to give recommendations. 

Back to Ed in Maleficent 2 though, now that he’s confirmed in the role, it’ll probably be only a matter of days before the UK papers or the American tabloids try to rumour that he and Angelina are a thing. Look at him. He’s so f-cking hot. (He looks like he could be Nicholas Hoult’s grittier older brother.) And she’s f-cking hot, especially when she’s tapping back into her bad girl for this character. And, also, she’s available. Is he available? 

Ed Skrein is not a household name which means we don’t know much about his household. Back in 2015, he lived with his girlfriend and their then-four year old son, Marley. It’s been a full 3 years since we’ve had an update on that situation though. So… if there’s been a change in that situation, could you see it? Angelina and Ed? 

I could. I could A LOT.