The MTV Movie and TV Awards are kinda like the People’s Choice Awards – if you show up, it means you’re winning something. And Marvel won almost everything last night, with Anthony Mackie taking home Best Hero and Best Onscreen Duo (with Sebastian Stan, who wasn’t there). During his acceptance speech, Anthony had some words for Tom Holland; they have a playful rivalry and, well, given the popularity of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and, ummmm, spoiler alert, that Sam becomes who he becomes by the end of it and Spider-Man isn’t coming out until the end of the year, Anthony can gloat… at least until the holidays. 


The big winner last night was WandaVision with four awards including Best Show, Best TV Performance for Elizabeth Olsen, Best Fight for Elizabeth and Kathryn Hahn, and Best Villain for Kathryn. It was a night for the witches. And it’s especially great for Kathryn who is having a MOMENT. 

Sarah wrote about this last week– Kathryn Hahn finally getting the play she deserves, and it seems like she’s being cast in everything, including the Knives Out sequel. So we’re still firmly in her most high-profile era, Kathryn in the spotlight. And this is a f-cking outfit for it, non? 

She is feeling herself… and so she should. I love the neckline of this strapless top. Even these pants are working for me, and I’m not hot, usually, on these wide leg pants favoured by Victoria Beckham and Meghan Markle that cover the feet. On Kathryn though, for whatever reason, it looks amazing.


But what I love about her is that even though she’s wearing all this fashion…or FASH-ONNNN… she’s still the Kathryn Hahn we’re familiar with: funny and loose and a little goofy and, man, her personality just sparkles.