The press tour for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness has moved onto London, and Elizabeth Olsen was spotted out and about, dressed casually between events. I LOVE this outfit, much better than whatever that was she wore to the photocall in Berlin. I also love the sunglasses, and the choppy bob is giving me hair envy. I keep having to talk myself out of this haircut, because as cute as I think it is, I actually hate my hair short. But Lizzie Olsen is forcing me to give myself the “you don’t ACTUALLY like your OWN hair like that, it’s just that SHE looks super cute” talk again.


The premiere of Madness and critics screenings are next week. I say this as someone whose job it is to report on/review this stuff, but seriously, avoid spoilers as best you can. I will be working to keep all my coverage frustratingly vague, but I’m preemptively bummed because I know some clickbait outlets won’t be able to resist spoiling everything for everybody. So do yourself a favor and DO NOT CLICK. There are some HUGE surprises in this movie, and it is designed for the audience experience. It’s going to be wild to see how a roomful of people processes some of this stuff. If you’re at all interested in the MCU or this movie, just try to stay out of spoilers and preserve the experience for yourself. It’s going to be worth it, I promise.

Also attached - Elizabeth leaving her hotel in London yesterday.