The British royal family insists that they had plans to bring in a “diversity tsar” well before Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Television Event of the Year. If that’s really the case, why is it that they’re calling it a “TSAR”, a piss-poor choice of words for someone whose job it will be to promote inclusion, LOL. If they can’t even get the description right, nothing was ever started in the first place until recently, after Harry and Meghan told them about themselves. (Cele|bitchy) 


One of the first big headlines I saw today was about Ellen DeGeneres’s ratings. Her show is down a million viewers since she and show producers were called out for its toxic workplace environment. Does this actually mean that Ellen’s popularity is plummeting? The thing is ratings are down across the board for conventional television, maybe not as dramatically as Ellen, but generally there aren’t many who can say that their ratings are up. Which is also why the Television Event of the Year, hosted by Oprah and starring Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, was such a big deal. It should also be noted that Ellen’s been on the air for a long time. This could also just be a natural drop-off of interest. Not that I’m resistant to the “Ellen’s ratings drop!” headlines. It’s just there’s a bigger conversation here too about the industry as a whole. (Dlisted) 

Remember this Stella McCartney vibe that was on so many red carpets ten years ago? There were multiple variations of this dress that Kate Winslet is wearing here. I don’t remember loving it then, and I still don’t love it now. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Are you confused about all the Game of Thrones spinoffs? Do you have questions about the Game of Thrones universe and its future? I didn’t think I did. But then I started reading this post and it answered things I didn’t even know I was curious about. (Pajiba) 

Noah Gittell has written a great essay here about how the Oscar Academy has gotten it so wrong with Best Original Song. Eurovision for the win this year though, right?!? (The Ringer)