I don’t think we’ve talked about Emily Blunt’s blondness yet. To be honest… I hadn’t really noticed. In fact, today, seeing these new shots of her, is the first time it really occurred to me, even though she’s actually been blonde for a while, that Emily’s a blonde now. Because when I think of Emily, if she comes up in a conversation, like, hey, how about Emily Blunt playing Mary Poppins, and I picture her in my mind, she always has brown hair. 


Is it that way for you? 

But this is quite blonde. It’s obviously not Emma Thompson blonde, but it’s blonde without a doubt. And I don’t know how I feel about it since, again, in my mind, Emily Blunt has brown hair. I’m looking at these pictures of her and I can see, literally, that she’s got blonde hair, but in my head, it’s translating to brown – kind of like “the dress”, the one that was actually blue and black but was seen by some to be white and gold.