Emily Ratajkowski has been in Europe recently for the fashion weeks. Here’s a selection of shots of her in Paris where she spent the weekend as speculation continues over whether or not she is dating Brad Pitt. Most reports suggest that while they’ve spent some time together, it’s not serious. Neither one has commented… but Emrata did have some sh-t to say about Blonde, Andrew Dominik’s Netflix film about Marilyn Monroe starring Ana de Armas. 


Blonde has not been all that well received by critics. Sarah praised Ana’s performance but called the movie a slog that amounts to “fantasy torture porn”. It would seem that Emrata agrees: 


Emily’s collection of essays, My Body, was published last year. She writes about the commodification of her body, grappling with the blurry space between empowerment and objectification. Given her personal experience, she might have a deeper understanding and empathy what Marilyn Monroe struggled with in life and in death. In short, Emrata is mad at Blonde. 

But… Brad Pitt co-produced Blonde. Remember they made a big ass deal when he showed up in Venice a few weeks ago to support it. Is Emrata trashing her maybe-boyfriend’s movie? Or … are we sure they’re actually dating? Is this her way of saying that she’s not actually dating him?

Emrata and her ex, Sebastian Bear-McClard just broke up this summer and it’s rumoured that it’s because he was a “serial cheater”. She filed for divorce a month ago but has never directly addressed the rumours of infidelity. She did, however, like a number of tweets from people who referred to Bear’s cheating so making a TikTok to share her disdain for a movie that Brad produced totally tracks with her communication style. 


And if that’s what’s going on here, if she waited for this moment to shut down the rumours, by wrapping it into commentary about the fetishisation of female pain, it’s even more a flex, non? 

This, of course, doesn’t mean that they’re not together – but people seemed so sure of it last week and now there is some doubt as to the validity. Which… and Sarah reminded me of this the other day – remember all those dating rumours about Brad and Dr Neri Oxman? It made him look good to be romantically associated with an arts academic even though Professor Oxman has since said, emphatically, that there was never anything between them. Team Pitt sure ran with the speculation though.