Let’s first go back to the summer, when Emma Stone and Justin Theroux were in France, both Louis Vuitton ambassadors promoting the brand. They hung out with friends in Antibes. They extended their holiday, with friends, for a couple of weeks. So it was rumoured that they were a thing. Even though they were not alone. Since I’m feeling extra cold and aggressive today, which is where I live anyway, I would like to point out that I was always skeptical, that I never believed that this was actually happening – not that I don’t think Justin enjoyed the f-ck out of the rumours (of course he did) but Emma’s game doesn’t work like that. She probably preferred that everyone was so focused on Justin so that she and Dave could carry on privately. Privately enough, in the solidifying phase of their situation, for them to finally make a public appearance together this weekend. 

The two were courtside at the Lakers-Golden State game the other night – it’s LA, it’s cameras everywhere, it’s not like she would have thought she’d be able to show up and no one would notice. Presumably then, she’s OK with us now knowing that she and Dave are indeed together, still together, have been together this whole time. While Andrew Garfield is walking around London arm-in-arm with Rita Ora. 

Also attached – Emma at the Producers Guild Awards on Saturday. I love this look. And I love the neckpiece. And while the makeup isn’t “pretty”, that’s exactly why I’m into it. Because it may not be pretty but it works with the look. For Emma it’s always in service of the look first which is why her style is so often singled out.